Few of us can resist a real handwritten letter or card with a real stamp.

It doesn’t matter whether it shows up in our mailbox at home or on our desk at work, it moves to the top of the pile. It has value.

A handwritten note conveys thoughtfulness, care, warmth, intentionality and sincerity. It creates a powerful, lasting impression and refocuses your clients on your business and how you can uniquely serve their needs.

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A winning business strategy starts with falling in love with your clients and looking for ways to WOW them. We work hard to make every client feel like an expected, invited guest of our business.”

BizNotes founder and owner/CEO of In The Bag Cleaners, a drycleaning enterprise with 14 locations in the Wichita, Kansas, metropolitan area


How do I know if BizNotes is a fit for my business?

Do you offer a recurring service?

Are you relationship-minded? Do you want your clients to feel appreciated and important?

Are you looking for a scalable way to personally reach clients and make meaningful connections?

Do you struggle to execute a consistent and trackable personal marketing program?

What’s the ideal target demographic for BizNotes?

We believe clients and prospects 35 years or older respond well to personal notes.

Good relationship marketing combines well-honed client lists with intuition, which involves asking the right questions:

Which of my clients need personal connection from me?

What are the triggers for that, or what is the right time for a handwritten note?

How often can I employ this strategy without losing the critical element of sincerity?

Why do you believe personal mail matters today?

Frankly, the U.S. Postal Service, which delivers to nearly 159 million addresses in the United States, makes a pretty strong case for personal mail.

A U.S. Postal Service 2017 household diary study* shows first-class mail volume has declined by more than 50 percent since 2000. In the U.S. in 2017, personal letters represented .1 percent of the mail received in a week in a household. Electronic alternatives to letter writing—social networks, email and e-cards—have transformed the way friends and family stay in touch.


Expert marketers tell us to break through the clutter of the marketplace with unique initiatives. This is one way to break through our congested digital world to sincerely reach the hearts and minds of our customers.

How does BizNotes fit in an overall marketing program?

BizNotes is a client relationship strategy that’s efficient, cost-effective and results-oriented. We believe it’s a unique, meaningful, non-commoditized way to play the long game in your business. What do we mean by non-commoditized? BizNotes is far more personal than giving a specialty pen or coffee mug or other premium item to a client.

Who is the ideal target for this strategy?

You’ve heard of the Pareto Principle or 80:20 rule that says 80 percent of a company’s revenue comes from 20 percent of its customers. BizNotes is an effective strategy for reaching this top tier of clients.

Can I get more out of BizNotes than just warm and fuzzy engagement with my clients?

BizNotes expansion and acquisition campaigns are designed to create unique direct response opportunities and achieve predictable results. Learn more here.