Handwritten notes build huge relationship capital.

A client who feels appreciated and important will be loyal to your business, much less price sensitive and more inclined to refer you to everyone they know.

BizNotes was founded by a business owner who loves connecting with his clients through personal mail. But that roll-up-the-sleeves, find quality letterhead and envelopes and a good pen, write the note, buy stamps and deliver it to a blue box or the post office time comes at a huge premium. He knows it. You know it.

BizNotes is a turnkey, systemized solution for any client who believes in the huge desirability of personal mail.

  • Our client service specialists work directly with your executive or administrative assistant
  • We ask the right questions and listen well to understand your needs
  • We help you choose the right BizNotes product
  • We’ll guide you to a handwritten font that best reflects your unique brand personality
  • We’ll craft your unique message based on the information you share and your brand voice
  • We “write” your letter or card or note
  • We do all the mail handling to deliver to your client list
  • We can even integrate your list with Abby Connect, a virtual receptionist service, to help you measure results
For companies with recurring monthly campaigns of 250 to 5000 pieces we offer cost-effective, reliable execution:
  • Mail processes with a live postal presort stamp from the Central U.S. for maximum cost advantage
  • Low Central U.S. labor cost

We use the most advanced systems, technologies and social platforms available to us to bring value to our clients. Decisions like offering a texting service to bring special offers and discounts to clients each week enhance convenience for those we serve. They do not facilitate a meaningful connection. To do that, I began many years ago to look for opportunities to write personal notes to clients or handwrite a note on pieces we use to deliver offers to our clients. I believe personal correspondence creates a WOW that builds lasting relationships. I know it counts because my clients have told me so.”