Recurring Marketing System

Real mail. Real results.

Building community and engagement with clients is a critical business discipline. You do it through social media. You’re always in their inbox. You call and text. How often do you show up as snail mail?

BizNotes is designed to multiply your efforts so you can personally reach as many clients as you wish without ever picking up a pen. We give you expert strategy, copywriting and mailing services and a unique opportunity to retain and win clients and improve ROI.

Use the winning BizNotes formula to acquire and wow clients, grow client relationships and keep clients happy.

If you’re serious about using handwritten notes as part of a recurring marketing system consider organizing your campaigns the same way we do:

Can you do all this on a handwritten note or card?

At BizNotes, we specialize in five types: letters, envelopes (if your goal is simply a handwritten envelope you believe will elevate your correspondence to the top of the stack of mail in your client’s hand), notecards, postcards and what we call a Biz Square.

If you’re invested in building a marketing program on relationship, it’s important to do a good job with customer segmentation and list management. I know, for example, that 5 percent of my drycleaning clients represent 40 percent of my sales. I call them our platinum clients and we treat them like royalty. Do they receive handwritten notes from me? You bet.

“The next 20 percent of our clients represent 40 percent of our sales. I call these our gold clients. They are very strong and loyal clients.

“I emphatically believe it’s important to learn the wants, desires, fears and habits of the top 20-25 percent of your clients. Then you can engage in meaningful ways—like using handwritten notes—to connect with them.”