Recurring Marketing System

Retention Campaigns

Client retention is a critical business function. Many companies spend time and money on initiatives designed to increase market share. Few understand that increasing customer retention rates by even 5 percent can increase profits by 25 percent or more. Customer retention is about placing a lifetime value on a client and prioritizing client relationships.

Use BizNotes products to:

  • Tell vanishing clients you’ve missed then and give them an incentive to return
  • Apologize for a mistake or a poor customer experience
  • Deliver a simple customer survey
  • Remind a customer that their subscription has lapsed and invite them back
  • Remind customers about important renewal dates

Each month, we send out roughly 1,200 Biz Notes that we call “We Miss You’s.” These are sent to existing clients we have not seen in the past 21 days, but had seen in the previous 60 days before that 21-day period. Our goal is to catch people when they are out of pattern, rather than once they have gone lost or missing. The note gives a heartfelt message that we miss seeing them and hope they hurry back soon. A time sensitive 33% off discount is given if they bring the note in with their next incoming order. The average number of notes we receive back each month is 640 of the 1,200 we send out. More than half of them are redeemed! With an average order of $14, we get revenue of $8,960. And the mailing costs $2,220. That is a ROI of 404% each and every month. We have been unable to beat these results with any other medium. Not even close!”