Aram Coyle

Strategic Partner

With both an undergraduate degree in marketing and management and an MBA, Aram Coyle brings a seasoned eye to her role as client service specialist. BizNotes clients rely on her strategic and marketing expertise to determine how to integrate handwritten notes into their overall marketing programs.

With husband and partner Dave Coyle, Aram is adamant in her belief that relationship management is the core of any quality marketing enterprise, and that starts with excellent list segmentation and management. “If we can’t see our customers, we can’t engage with them in a meaningful way. Those we connect with in a genuine, heartfelt way become our best, most loyal clients.”

Aram believes gratitude is the tipping point of client satisfaction. “We never lose sight of the fact that our clients have choices—sometimes many choices—for where they take their business. Pausing to say thank you in a handwritten note and to give a meaningful discount or offer pays huge dividends.”