Cassie Stuber

Client Support Specialist

Cassie Stuber, client service specialist, is immersed in every aspect of the BizNotes operation, from taking client phone calls to design work and product setup to list management. She is a huge champion of personal business mail, believing it catches clients off guard to receive something handwritten today. “You feel remembered and valued even if there’s an offer inside. This marketing solution prioritizes relationship over transaction.

“BizNotes gives people a warm feeling. It’s actual pen to paper and implies that someone who cares has spent time doing it.”

Cassie has an extensive background in office management in multiple areas of expertise. She believes BizNotes goes against the grain. “Businesses that use it to engage with customers aren’t doing what everyone else is doing…invading an inbox that’s already overflowing with junk. It’s refreshing and a little old-fashioned.”

BizNotes will deliver a level of customer service and quality of work, Stuber says, that will make you feel like you gained a friend who is engaged with you in growing your business. “We’ve designed this to be the ultimate turnkey operation with opportunity for very positive results.”