Dave Coyle

Team Leader And Owner

BizNotes Founder Dave Coyle owns In The Bag Cleaners, a drycleaning enterprise with 14 locations in the Wichita, Kansas, metropolitan area. Since 2000, Coyle has grown ITB marketshare to almost 70 percent. The company does nearly $6 million a year in sales and has created a loyal following of more than 25,000 clients. Coyle motivates his entire team to offer the highest level of quality, service and experience.

BizNotes is a result of Coyle’s deep belief in relationship building. When you connect with clients in meaningful ways, he says, they deepen their engagement with you. When you show sincere appreciation, you win their loyalty, a critical business asset.

Relationship building or client contact is not something Coyle has ever been able to easily delegate. BizNotes allows Coyle to scale his efforts to send personal mail to clients, while losing none of the authenticity or sincerity he insists on for his business operations.

Coyle developed the BizNotes product line based on what he believes a business owner needs to cover the bases from client appreciation to promotion to elegant delivery of company news or core messages.