Nicole Jorgensen

Client Support Specialist

Client Service Specialist Nicole Jorgensen, who has a B.S. degree in marketing from the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse, calls herself a jack of all trades with experience that ranges from manual labor to office work to marketing and account management. She is quick to point out to her BizNotes clients that “we care about the connection you make with your customers and are committed to do everything we can to create that connection for you. This is more than a fun, new way to advertise. BizNotes is designed to help set your business apart from others in your industry and show your clients they are important and valued.”

Once a BizNotes client project has been set up and the list created, Nicole sets up the machines to write the client’s personal mail. “I make sure spacing, alignment and the overall desired look are being produced from the machines. I manage the project to completion to make sure we are on schedule and maintaining quality throughout the process.

“I believe handwritten notes (personal mail) is important to a business. Personal relationships and true interaction with people have become so muffled in this age of technology. Before technology became big, personal mail is how we kept in touch. Handwritten notes and letters show that someone actually sat down and took time out of their busy day to let you know they were thinking of you. That is a feeling that is hard to convey through a simple email. Writing an email is quick and easy and seems so normal. Taking the time to hand write a note or letter is unique and says so much more.”